40 Times More Houses Sold Each Year

Selling houses for well over a decade in the Mid-South Region

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The Josh Hisaw Guarantee

We connect buyers and sellers in Memphis, Germantown, Cordova and the Mid-South Region through mass media marketing, strategic advertising and a client-focused experience. Clients can experience stress free selling with our 45-day guarantee.

A History of Excellence

Josh Hisaw and his team have been serving the Mid-South region for over a decade now. If you’ve ever turned on the radio you’ve probably heard about us and our famous 45-day guarantee. Unlike other real estate agencies, we’re able to make this guarantee because of our record. On average we sell 40 times as many houses each year than the typical agent does. There’s a lot reasons we’re able to accomplish this but the primary one is our experience in leveraging every marketing and advertising resource we can. The short answer is we spend more money on and do a better job advertising than other agencies.

The other factor is the way we treat our clients. Over the years we learned it’s best to positioned ourselves to be effective and communicative as possible, but not bothersome. We understand selling a home is stressful, so we aim to make the experience as painless and stress free as possible. Our team has mastered the technique of being there, but not being seen or heard until you want to see or hear us. It serves our clients and it serves us, because our clients end up doing a lot of advertising for us after working with us by word of mouth.